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Yes, when it hurts, I cry.

I choose to deal with resilience because although my heart cries and sometimes runs out of air, despite the pain that pierces the lungs from a million longings, mistakes, endings, crises, and separations, I choose every day to start anew, to not only survive life but to live it to the fullest! I choose not to be afraid. I choose to do. To fulfill. To Keep going despite everything!

It is a choice that requires tremendous mental effort because life is complicated. Crazy. Not always fair. And certainly unexpected.

This is my way of turning rage and pain into tikkun olam (Repairing the world, and myself). What is your way?

I focus on resilience because all of us, without exception, are fragile, vulnerable, and heartbroken. Even those who seem tough, successful, and uncompromising.

And if we are not unanimous and are here for each other, comfort each other, encourage, lift each other from the depths, we will waste our lives to despair and sadness. And it is so easy to be sad.

So, I choose every day to tell you that it is possible for the heart to bleed and still live fully. Laugh. Do. Plan. Dream. Function well.

Instead of being dead walking in life. Live!!

Life is not strawberries and whipped cream for anyone. If you get it, you get life!

Understanding that we are in pain. Even if sometimes too much, and that's it okay, is understanding that pain is a universal language, an inseparable part of being human. It crosses culture, language, and borders. Pain reminds us of our shared vulnerability as human beings, and it creates an inseparable bond between all of us.

Pain grounds us in our humanity and drives our collective pursuit of empathy, understanding and resilience.

Yes, it is possible to go on with life even when less beautiful things happen to us throughout our life.

It's not a conflict.

Start now and learn how.

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