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The Unpredictable Essence of Humanity

In my lectures I ask: "If you were given a glimpse of the future, would you choose differently?"

I no longer try to predict how I will behave or how others will because I have accepted that everything and anything can happen.

Human behavior is a complex story that exceeds the limits of our ability to predict it. Researchers, philosophers, psychiatrists, religious leaders, and anyone in between are trying to understand human behavior so that we can correct, improve, control behavior, and even predict how a person might act. But human behavior is a symphony that consists of a fusion of infinite variables among them emotions, experiences, unexpected circumstances, and some will also add density and the soul to this story.

Humans crave certainty because the unknown causes us terrible anxiety, but again and again humans prove that it is not really possible to predict human behavior. It turns out that it is impossible to accurately predict this complicated dance of choices, reactions and decisions that make up the human experience.

Our lives are shaped by a multitude of factors - education, culture, personal experiences and unexpected turns of fate.

But what if everything could be predicted in advance?

If it was possible to know what would happen in every minute and how would a person behave in each situation?

We would become robots; life would lose the meaning of life and there would be no personal space for anything. Not for human development, growth, developing resilience and the ability to adapt to unexpected challenges. To limit this dynamic essence of life, that each person has a unique narrative, a story that evolves with each moment of our lives, would be like trapping our spirit in a cage.

Precisely the inability to predict life and human behavior emphasizes the importance of being able to accept the unexpected, develop realistic perceptions, strengthen the willingness to learn, to survive the unexpected, and adapt to a changing reality.

We may not have to love the fact that life and human behavior are unpredictable, but since uncertainty is reality and it defines our existence, we should accept that we are a masterpiece of unpredictability, a tangled map of emotions, choices and chapters, unfolding into a story we don't know its end.

Perhaps instead of fearing uncertainty, it would be easier for us if we embraced the journey, because the true beauty of humanity is that we and life cannot (yet) be engineered. That's the beauty of unpredictability. Sometimes it's for the better and sometimes not so much.

Maybe this is the beautiful part of our species and not necessarily a disadvantage?

Perhaps it is precisely in the inability to predict life and how we will behave that the magic of human existence is revealed?

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