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Meet The Author

The Victory Of The Human Spirit

What if we were given a glimpse into the future, would we choose differently?

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Over the past decade, I have lectured privately and in cooperation with Dahan Center under the auspices of Bar Ilan University in hundreds of intimate writer meetings throughout the United States. Sometimes the audience was Book clubs, sometimes conferences and events of hundreds of people, at conferences in universities such as Bar Ilan and in Canada, in libraries throughout the country, Community centers and also in my living room.

What am I looking forward to? Meeting you!

What is the lecture about?

A personal, sweeping and moving boutique lecture that reveals how the past, present, and future meet through the story of one extraordinary woman.


A one-of-a-kind encounter that begins somewhere in Morocco, passes through Israel, New Mexico, Arizona and returns to its roots. Because that's how it is in life.

Author of the historical novel "One Moroccan Woman" (2013), published by Kibbutz HaMeuhed, and was selected by the Ministry of Education in Israel to the top ten recommended novels in 2014.


Author of the biblical novel Between Egypt and Canaan, (2015) Author of the poem book, The Creation of the Soul. (2019) In Hebrew Only.

The lecture follows "One Moroccan Woman," which was written from both my most personal and professional place. It is far beyond ‘meet the author’ lecture. It is a story inspired by real events, real people, by reality. It is the story of all of us. The Story of the human spirit.

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