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We all lose something

We all lose something

We lose time

lose people

lose emotion

lose property

lose love

Lose friends

Lose motivation

Lose youth

lose ourselves

Sometimes we lose almost everything

During life we ​​inevitably lose pieces of ourselves along the way: friends, love, youth, people and sometimes the essence of who we once were.

But in the sadness of the loss, there is perhaps a small consolation. Getting lost is often the only way to understand who we are, what we are made of, what is really important to us in life, how we perceive reality and what our meaning is in this life.

In the space left after what we lost, we discover the resilience and strength to search again, rebuild, start over.

It is the wisdom we have accumulated in our flesh that gives us strength to form a new identity, richer and deeper than before and to find ourselves anew.

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