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What kind of people do we turn out to be after a crisis?

The perception of life and reality

Cool sunrise air.

Another night of two hours of sleep because the body and soul do not give rest in the face of the pain I encounter every day. And like everyone and despite the difficulty, I repeatedly ponder what, what really affects our ability to go through a whole life in relative mental peace in a world full of beauty and joy and yet, sorrow, pain and crises?

True, it is a combination of many factors, some independent of each other and some dependent on each other. And I make syntheses in my head of everything I've learned and all the knowledge I've gained, but for me it doesn't come from outside sources but from an inner voice, of the soul, and if you listen to it well, it speaks!

In the end, when I distill the background noises and get to the root cause, I hear my inner voice and it tells me that what affects our resilience and how we'll deal with life is how we perceive the whole story, of being a human being in a kind of strange ball that circles around in space.

In the end, it is how we perceive life and death.

In the end, it is how we perceive and understand evil.

In the end, it is our perception of reality and of humanity.

In the end, it's how we perceive this existence.

In the end, it's about the story we tell ourselves about how life is "supposed" to be....

This is the reason I called my business 'from story to reality,' Because when you bridge this gap you start getting stronger. When we are forced to face these questions, and answer them as best we can, that's where we build our resilience.

Spoiler. It never ends. We don't really reach resilience and rest there. All of our life we will need to find the strength to stand up when a new crisis comes.

In the end, the most important question comes after a crisis: what kind of people do we turn out to be after a crisis?

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