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Resilience: The New Power skill that will set people and organizations apart.

Power skills, the ‘crown’ of soft skills, are increasingly recognized as essential in today's organizations. Often, when organizations refer to power skills they name collaborative leadership, effective communication, problem-solving, strategic, critical thinking, adaptability, and conflict resolution.

What is often NOT on that list is one of the most important power skills required in life, resilience.

Leaders, managers, and individuals who possess the power to adapt, persevere, and bounce back from constant change and unpredictable challenges, are the ones who rise above the rest.

Resilience is often overlooked but increasingly getting more attention and recognized. It should be the unparalleled power skill for success. Resilience, whether in personal or professional realms, dictates whether people will overcome obstacles, navigate uncertainties, and thrive amidst turbulent times.

Resilience is a power skill that should be highlighted, practiced, and unquestionably not be underestimated.

Why should Resilience be crowned as the ultimate power skill?

1. Because it goes both ways

Employers often value employees who can maintain a positive attitude, persevere through difficult situations, and effectively cope with stress or setbacks.

On the other end, Employees often value managers and leaders who can inspire and motivate their teams during challenging times. Resilient leaders demonstrate strength, optimism, and a can-do attitude, which creates a sense of trust and confidence among their team members.

2. Resilience enhances all other soft or power skills. Resilient employees or managers will:

· Adapt much better in the face of change and bounce back stronger than before

· Thrive in stressful situations!

· Embrace changes as opportunities with a positive attitude and flexibility

· Demonstrate perseverance through Setbacks

· Keep pushing forward, ultimately achieving their goals.

· Encompasses internal fortitude and emotional strength.

· Regulate their emotions and maintain a positive mindset

· Remain focused and make sound decisions

· Maintain healthy relationships and value collaboration

· Exhibit critical thinking, creativity, and resourcefulness.


Resilience stands out as a true power skill that should wear the crown of all power skills. Whether in personal or professional spheres, enhancing, developing, and talking about resilience is the ultimate skill organizations should focus on.

Embracing resilience as “The” power skill will set people and organizations apart from others.

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