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From Grave Plots to Resilient Hearts Navigating Life's Challenges

For some of us, being highly conscious of improving resilience and engaging in it may feel like purchasing a grave plot in advance, a kind of premonition of impending doom or a difficult event. This is indeed a disturbing thought, because it is a kind of admission that we live in an unpredictable world, fraught with adversity, and seemingly we must prepare for the fact that something bad will happen and prepare ourselves for such a moment. It is scary and disturbing, so we think it is better off ignoring it and dealing with it if the moment comes.

Focusing on resilience when things are all right in our lives is not pessimism; That's caution. It's preparation. Just as we plan for retirement and take financial actions to secure our financial future, or plan a trip to make it successful, we equally should, while we are okay, do everything we can to strengthen, improve, learn, explore how to deal with life when something less good happens. So that we don't find ourselves surprised and shattered.

It's an acknowledgment that we cannot escape challenges, it is an inner acceptance of reality. It means we embrace the future with our eyes open, not dwell on fear but prepare, to ensure that we stand strong in the face of whatever life throws at us.

It is the recognition that life is full of unexpected episodes, and if we prepare for them, we have a better chance of withstanding them and mentally protecting ourselves, our loved ones, and our dreams, rather than being buried prematurely under the weight of despair.

Improving and focusing on resilience does not mean we wait for disaster; It strengthens us to withstand it and come out even stronger if it meets us.

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