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Your Call - a life of influence over selfish pursuits

Those who choose to live this life in the way of good will go in the direction of making an impact. Those who choose only to take advantage of life, and all the means are kosher on the way to the goal, will surrender his entire life to the desire to only receive from others.

In the complex fabric of existence, each of us faces two main choices: how we navigate our life journey and which heroes we want to be in our life story. Some choose to walk the path with a commitment to making a meaningful impact on their family, staff, community, or nation, while others succumb to the temptation of using all the means available to them to achieve personal goals, regardless of the consequences of the lives of those around them.

Those who choose to live their lives with the aspiration to leave a positive mark on the world embark on a journey that transcends the boundaries of physical and personal existence. These are the people who recognize that life is not just for personal gain, but an opportunity to live life with a deeper sense of meaning.

On the contrary, people who choose to take advantage of every avenue, to adopt a "means-justify-the-end" philosophy, risk surrendering their entire lives to an insatiable desire. This approach often leads to a narrow perspective, in which success is measured solely by personal achievements and pleasures, regardless and sometimes at the expense of others.

What's wrong with that, you ask?

A life focused solely on utilizing all permissible means on the way to pleasure and fulfillment desires may yield short-term gains, but often such people may find themselves trapped in a cycle of emptiness, in which material and personal success fails to fill the void. In the long run that leaves the person bored, lost, meaningless – and meaning and impact are things that our soul craves very much.

In addition, the pursuit of selfish goals without consideration of ethical considerations can lead to poor, broken relationships. True fulfillment of the soul does not come from what is acquired, but from the positive influence that a person has on others and on the world. Those who choose a life of influence understand the importance of harmony between personal aspirations and the good of others. Harmony that, if not fulfilled, leaves humans exploitative and selfish.

In conclusion, the choices we make in the way we live our lives profoundly shape our personality and our purpose in this life, and that contribute, or do not, to the collective human experience. Choosing a life of impact, guided by purpose and commitment to make an impact, enriches not only our journey but also the lives of those we touch.

On the other hand, a life devoted solely to utilizing all the means at its disposal can end in a shallow existence, devoid of the depth and satisfaction that comes from a purposeful life. The way we choose our values ultimately defines the legacy we leave behind.

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