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Which Organizational Resilience Plans Vave You Set For 2024?

As is known, organizational resilience refers to the ability of an organization to anticipate, respond and recover from disruptions or crises, such as economic depressions, natural disasters, cyber-attacks, wars, epidemics, etc. To this end, organizational resilience involves important strategic decisions, building structured systems and processes that allow an organization to adapt and recover quickly in the face of adversity.

Organizational resilience consists of several elements, including:

Economic and financial resilience to withstand periods of declining profits through various strategies e.g. diversification of investments, and much more.

Operational resilience including emergency management plans and business continuity, risk management, manpower disruptions, etc.

Technological and cyber resilience including communication in emergency situations, etc.

Supply chain resilience

Resilience in knowledge and learning including documentation, retention, and knowledge sharing

Environmental resilience including climate change, damage to resources and more.

But what about Human Resilience?

Resilience in the workforce is crucial. This includes providing proactive and preventive training on routine days and immediate support for employees in situations that require a fast adaptation to changes. The goal is to produce resilient human power through a resilience strategy that includes plans for workforce continuity during disruptions.

Where do you start?

Ask yourself: Which human resilience plans have you set for 2024?

And if it is not in the plan for 2024 – you should ask:

What is your organizational perception of human resilience in the organization?

How much does your organization invest in human resilience?

What is your organizational strategy for improving and nurturing human resilience in the organization?

And how do you know what the index of human resilience in your organization and which factors threaten it?

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