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When Do We Solve a Problem?

We don't try to get food when there is plenty of food on the table.

We don't talk day and night about independence when living freely. Or about finding love when we are in love.

What's the point?

When there's no problem, we don't try to solve something. Because there is nothing to solve.

When does something come up on the agenda? When we don’t have something, or when it is missing or when there is a problem.

So why learn about resilience and improve it?

Because there is a problem with resilience. Maybe because we are less resilient than before? Perhaps because it feels that resilience has been fractured: both the individual, communal, and national resilience?

Our brain has a "natural immune system." Yes, it also works on mental strength. But when our mind's immune system encounters bacteria and viruses, it doesn't function at its best.

And what do I consider to be bacteria or viruses of the mind?

Doubts, sadness, frustration, despair, victimization, and questions that lead to no result such as: Why do I deserve this?

That's why we constantly have to improve and strengthen our mental immune system: our resilience.

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