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Seeds Can Only Bloom After Being Buried

Sometimes we ask ourselves why we invest so much in something if there is no sense of achievement, value or immediate success?

On top of that, human beings are skeptical, stuck in their opinions, in their beliefs. And how presumptuous it is to try and change a behavior or thought of a person who may think differently than you.

This morning, in the resilience workshop, I found myself wondering, how much of what I guide sticks? Will it bring about any change? Will it seep into an insight from which lessons will be drawn and resilience truly improved?

Then I remembered that not everything happens in one day. That steps, even if they are small, always leave traces. I remembered that for me, even if only one person out of a full hall, will be able to better cope with life, with challenges, with pain, then every second is worth to me. every minute. any effort.

It takes time to process something new, certainly to change a behavior, so be patient. Give time to the people you care about to process something big that requires real change. There is no Abra Kadabra. That's good for the movies.

In real life, it is so worth planting seeds!

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