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Resilience and Productivity

To harness the potential of mental resilience, organizations must invest in resilience development programs that focus on building emotional intelligence, perception of reality, stress management, and coping skills.

Creating a culture that values such focus and provides resources to support and improve resilience is key to ensuring a thriving future even in an increasingly complex and volatile world.

So how will developing employee resilience lead to increase in productivity?

a) Mental resilience reduces stress: which is one of the biggest causes of burnout and decreased productivity. The more resilient people are to stress, the more they focus on their current task and deliver more consistent results.

b) Problem solving: People with high mental resilience understand that instead of being frustrated and overwhelmed when something doesn't work according to the book, procedure or known method, they become flexible in their thinking and creativity and thus increase efficiency.

c) Consistency: Resilience ensures that employees can maintain a high level of performance over time. This consistency is essential for meeting deadlines, satisfying customers, and achieving goals.

Don’t wait for the next crisis. Ask. Do!

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