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Reality Perception

Facebook reminded me where I was on this date 7 years ago. In another world. Nothing today resembles my previous life and if someone had shown me a glimpse from today, I would have probably laughed in their face. That's how it is. We live our current reality with no way of knowing where life will take us, what will happen, where we will be and what our life would look like.

Resilience is directly related to how each person perceives life in the deepest sense possible. Whether it is, for example, how we understand and accept the temporality of life, how we perceive death, what story we tell ourselves about the meaning of life, what we think about humanity, how we understand or do not understand evil, what we believe we deserve and how we accept the dramatic changes that happen to us and change our whole lives. End-to-end sometimes.

Our resilience is intrinsically linked to our perceptions, everything we believe in, our values and philosophy of life, and all that plays an instrumental role in shaping our ability to overcome crisis in our life.

When we are forced to understand what we believe about life, humanity, evil, and more, it guides and helps us navigate life's adversities, find meaning in those adversities, and anchor ourselves in times of uncertainty. Our perception of life and reality is what builds our resilience.

In the end, our resilience is a testament to the lens through which we see the world, life, and the beliefs that sustain our spirit amid the ebbs and flows of life.

It is not for nothing that my resilience workshop is called "From Story to Reality" because the first thing we need to find out within ourselves is how we perceive reality. Only from there we can move forward.

So why wait for the next crisis?

It doesn't happen in one day. We don't wake up one fine morning because we cried at night and woke up the next day mentally strong. Mental resilience is not a moment's enlightenment. It's a life mission – to deal with life all of our life.

Start now!

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