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Apologizing for Optimism

Updated: Jan 22

In unusual times or difficult periods full of uncertainty, there can be a feeling we have to apologize for optimism.

Being realistic and accepting a difficult reality does not indicate pessimism but a stronger grip on life, and sometimes a greater determination to appreciate life and hope that things will turn for the better, even if the chances of that are slim.

Hope and optimism do not contradict the perception of reality as it is. It does not indicate a lack of awareness or a lack of understanding of the situation because each person has his own unique perception of reality, and it will determine how he will react and deal with life at any given moment.

Since reality cannot be changed, our perspective on reality - how we perceive it - is more important than what will happen to us in actual reality. Because we cannot control fate, nor can we change an existing reality, but each of us is responsible for what he will do with the reality, what his approach to life is, and how it will affect his hope, imagination and dreams for the future - this unique inner ability is the greatest freedom of the person

How do you perceive reality?

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