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Our whole life boils down to One Sentence

In the end, our whole life boils down to One Sentence.

Short sentences that represent years and years of millions of details in our life that are impossible to remember. Because we don't really remember the everyday.

No one remembers how he brushed his teeth 15 years ago. Or a Friday dinner 10 years ago in August. And when we meet new people, it stands out the most.

It's always short sentences that sum up a lifetime. I worked for 5 years at A.R. Industries, I was born and raised in Rio Rancho, NM, yes, I also lived in Japan for 5 years, I completed a degree in computer science, was married for 17 years, had a good girlfriend or a brother, lived through October 7th tragedy…

That’s it. One Sentence.

Go explain what that one sentence means to you, what happened to you in all those years you were.... what you had... who you were in that certain situation, in that episode of your life, that you were someone else.

Sometimes a memory arises that we didn't remember or a déjà vu, a moment that was not consciously perceived but arises and brings back memories and longing. And sometimes, it is even possible to recreate for a brief second a magical moment that symbolized a lifetime. Sometimes not.

So, when you're doing well, focus on this moment. Remember to etch this moment in your heart because all moments boil down to ONE SENTENCE at the end.


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