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No Contest on Pain: Together in a Journey to overcome

There is no competition for who hurts more in times of hardship. It is very difficult to see parents, siblings, spouses, children, friends and a whole nation in pain. It's truly uncontainable. Naturally, we make a classification in our heads as to who hurts more and who suffers more. And yes, there are different intensities and circuits for pain and suffering.

But in the field of human suffering, no such competition really exists. Because sometimes there are people in primary circles who are mentally stronger than people in second and third circles. There is no scoreboard of who hurts more, and in tragedy the depth of one's pain cannot be measured in comparison to another; This is a personal abyss, unknown.

To think about who suffers more is to trivialize the deep and complex nature of our pain. Each person's experience is unique, feelings, fears and scars, intertwined in the threads of circumstances and his personal resilience and that of his immediate environment. This is the time to mobilize tremendous mental strength to empathize, support and heal together, because pain knows no hierarchy, only the unlimited capacity of the human spirit to endure and repair.

Pain is universal and has no boundaries or distinctions. It is a reminder that we are all human, vulnerable to life's trials and tribulations. And precisely now in our darkest moments, we must remember that pain is something that causes severe suffering and it tests our capacity for resilience and growth.

There is no way right now to contain the pain. We can only hug those who are hurting, and remember that we are not alone. we're together. There is no competition for pain.

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