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Misconceptions That Hinder Resilience

We know that life isn't just strawberries and whipped cream, right?

So why is it so hard for us to cope when life isn’t just strawberries and whipped cream?

Because we are not willing to accept:

  • That life is not exactly what we think it should be.

  • Because we think, believe, want and certain that we deserve good because we are good people.

  • Because we want and believe with all our heart that things should be different.

Wanting, believing, thinking, hoping are positive things that indicate that we have a positive outlook on life, and it absolutely contributes to resilience. But... If we do not remember that these are only beliefs, thoughts, hopes and not necessarily facts about life, then we are not anchored in reality but in a story, a conception.

Then what happens?

When life does not live up to these beliefs, we weaken, break, fall apart.

Today I gave a resilience lecture to Maccabi Health Services on Zoom (because they have about 15,000 employees) about the false assumptions we have about resilience and how to break down the story we tell ourselves into reality.

Perceptions that are not grounded in reality, are not resilience. It's just a story we tell ourselves.

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