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Invincibility Is Not Forever

In a world that glorifies being invincible, romanticizing the idea of ​​invulnerability, resilience mentors understand that one of the most important things is the clarification that no one is truly invincible and that it has nothing to do with resilience.

The illusion of being invincible forever does not belong only to individuals but also to countries, armies and empires who thought that nothing could defeat them. Precisely the knowledge that we are not invincible is a cornerstone of resilience,  because true resilience is the knowledge and acceptance that we are vulnerable and extremely fragile, yet capable of standing on our feet and grow even from a place of destruction and vulnerability.

'Invincibility is not forever' comes to warn us not to allow power drunkenness to put us to num us to potential danger and heartbreak. To trick us. The expression comes to remind us that even if we have great mental, physical or material power at a given moment, it is temporary and not indestructible.

Is there a connection between resilience and the fact that we are not invincible?


1. Being strong does not mean we are invincible. On the contrary, strong people, countries, empires and armies are also very vulnerable.

2. Especially when we are strong, we must not be drawn to complacency.

3. Acknowledging our vulnerability is a stone of resilience because it will help us to be more careful and aware.

4. Acknowledging our vulnerability is acceptance of reality, that never again is not a fact. Still, resilience is the ability to choose to stand on our feet, learn from mistakes, and rise to life even if we were defeated temporarily.


One of the important roles of resilience mentors is to guide people through the paradox that no one is invincible. By dismantling the illusion of invincibility and understanding that vulnerability is a cornerstone of resilience, people can better navigate life's challenges.

The most important clarification is that true strength lies not in being invincible but in having the courage to face and grow from vulnerability. Being invincible means accepting that we can always crash but also get back up.

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