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From Here to There - Good Decisions

There are two basic and rooted things in life that we cannot decide: to be born and to die. But between them, from here to there, we have the option to make all kinds of decisions. What will we eat today, if we'll change jobs, get married, stay in a relationship or retire, talk to the coworker that we can't stand, and let your imagination continue. And even when we didn't have the ability to decide about a certain event that happened to us, we have the ability to chooce how to react to the event. We make dozens of decisions a day. sometimes hundreds. Subconsciously. Some are split second decisions without even noticing it and naturally there are serious decisions that take a little longer to decide. Not all the decisions we make every day will be good decisions. Some will be even bad ones. There are no 100 great decisions out of 100 decisions. Even if we are essentially good people, it does not mean that all the decisions we'll make every day, throughout our lives, will be good ones. It's not a conflict. That's how it is.

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