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Belief In Something Bigger Than Ourselves

Sometimes in life, we are forced in one single moment to face something that is much bigger than ourselves. It forces us to examine everything we believe in, to understand our perceptions on life. It forces us to think less about our personal gain and loss. And if we want to survive the hardships in life, we must believe in something greater than our personal desires.

It is precisely in moments of distress, when the weight of pain presses on us, when we discover a deep strength within ourselves. This strength comes from a strong belief that good exists and it will prevail, or a belief in the collective goodness of humanity, or in the unlimited potential that the human spirit has and so forth.

Believing in something greater than ourselves becomes a light that guides us. It is where we gain strength, and it gives a lot of comfort, purpose, and determination to get back on our feet and keep going.

If and when we unveil our beliefs, we find the courage to rise above our pain and succeed in facing challenges that are nothing short of extraordinary.

I believe humans deserve to live a secure and decent life. I believe we deserve to be free. I believe in the need of strong military to defend us from those who do not believe in freedom. Yes, I believe in our leaders (even if not always and not all), I believe in reason, in my neighbors, in my family, in my friends.

My beliefs in something that is greater than myself include the understanding that perfection does not exist. That mistakes, injustices will occur and that every decision comes with a price. It also means that I accept that even when we recover from hardships it will still not be the last hardship, but I also believe there is something to fight for and something to stand up for and to survive for.

It's believing in something much bigger than myself. From my personal family. My house. My corner in the world. My wishes and desires.

And only when we believe in something greater than ourselves, we gain strength, hope, meaning, and the victory of the human spirit.

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