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Turning Anger into Meliorism

It is almost impossible to never get angry. Anger arises as a natural emotion in situations of frustration, helplessness, lack of control, stress, injustice in a situation of threat or argument.

Responding to anger can be expressed at work in many different forms, from silence to verbal violence. But there is one response that is less common to anger that is attributed to people with high mental resilience.

Have you heard of Meliorism?

Resilient people turn rage into 'repairing the world.'

Instead of using anger in negative ways they will try to make things a little better.

They will establish non-profits, stand on a stage and strengthen others, they will be a source of inspiration, contribute to a cause that will heal their anger, or develop a solution to the problem. They will convert the anger into something positive.

Does it require transcendence of human nature? yes.

Is it possible? Absolutely.

Resilient people accept that principles come before feelings.

Meliorism: A philosopical approach that belives that humans can "repair/improve the world," or in other words, make the world better.

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