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The Fine Line Between Freedom And Permission

"There is a fine line between freedom and permission. Freedom is necessary, permission is a dangerous choice." Neal Shusterman

The desire to be free, free from everything that binds us or does us no good is a natural longing. We are not meant to be chained. The freedom to do what we want, to be with whom we choose, to do what we love, to break boundaries, to try new things, to eat everything that tastes good to us, resonates loudly within us.

But the fact that we have freedom and permission to do something, is the biggest conflict in life and complicates us the most. Because it leaves us alone to deal with the problem that freedom and permission without an inner compass for conscience is destructive.

For example, the fact that we have the freedom to speak our mind when we want, to whom we want and how we want without limits costs us dearly... it is enough to read comments on social networks and understand how much this permission is on the one hand our absolute freedom to express our opinion and on the other a dangerous choice, because in many cases it is destructive. Look what happens with bullying of children on social media. with shaming. With the audacity of people to hurt and destroy others without two seconds of thinking about the consequences and the price of using this freedom.

The fact that we have freedom, the ability, to harm, to destroy does not mean that it should be our choice just because it is possible. The very fact that we have permission to do something we want puts us every day and every minute in front of a dangerous choice.

"Everything is expected and permission is given..." How does this quote from the Kabbalah relates to freedom? I see it as everything is possible, not necessarily predicted and our freedom to choose one of the many options. We have permission to choose which option we want. Also a bad option.

There is nothing more important than freedom but the permission to abuse this freedom is a choice. Using freedom and permission without conscience, without thinking about consequences, about the cost... is a bad choice done by bad people.

Be ש human beings of the highest order and use freedom and permission for good and to do good.


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