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Freedom - The Biggest Illusion

"Freedom is the biggest of all humanity’s illusions." From my novel "Between Egypt and Canaan. I wrote the above quote in the Epilogue of my historical novel 'Between Egypt and Canaan, because my main character was trying to gain freedom throughout her plot life. But as I’ve progressed with the story, I've realized that we constantly seek absolute freedom that doesn't exist, because freedom too, is only possible within borders. Freedom has limits and costs. There is no such thing an absolute freedom. Why? Because we are dependent. We depend on our parents or an adult from our creation and sometimes forever. We depend on income, any kind, to survive and thrive financially. We depend on the weather. We depend on a partner for love and security. We depend on our children when we grow old and on friends for company, support and attention...and so it goes. It is an illusion to think that we can gain absolute freedom. When we accept that, we become more resilient because accepting that we need others, things, even 2% of luck is attributed to resilient people. Resilient people know that they can't do everything alone, are not free to do whatever they want, and can't control many things.

Resilient people accept the dependencies in life and are less focused on resisting it. They don't live in an illusion that they are absolutely free.


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