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Faith in Humanity

How can it be that despite a general feeling that the world has gone crazy,

that values are no longer relevant,

that there is no law and there is no judge

that only money rules the world

that the institution of marriage and banquet halls only exist so that a women fulfill the dream of wearing a wedding dress at least once,

that career is a modern slavery and so on…

That despite the above, humans do endure!

What has always allowed people not only to endure the moment, but to flourish and grow, is trust and faith people place in a better future.

Without this trust and faith, humans and global society will collapse.

Without faith in a better future, people will lose the taste of effort, the taste of wanting to fight, to survive. The taste of life.

And what guarantees do we have that the future will be better?

There is no such guarantee except history.

History is a proof of what used to be and what there is today. It shows us how much potential life has.

Humans prove every day how much change can be made.

And even if not all changes are positive, even if not all is good in this modern growth, for better or worse, humanity is changing, we are changing. And there is a lot of progress and profit in it for people.

Despite the feeling sometimes that the world is going crazy, and people are going insane, I would not rather live in any other time in history. It is true that the ideal maybe still be far and we have long ways to go, but reality transcends all imagination and with a little confidence in a better future, we can breathe for a moment, put aside despair for a minute, and feel hope.

The journey of humanity is still growing, and we are here, at this point in time today, a speck in history but an inseparable part of tomorrow. I am positive that you too notice that humanity is constantly trying to find solutions for a balanced, sane, healthy, and happier life.

When will this happen?

It happens every second, every minute, every hour, every day.

So even if the feeling is one of despair, we should believe in a better future. For ourselves. For our family. Our community. Nation. Worldwide. And as long as there is a human majority that believes there is a future for better life, a majority that have faith in humans, even if the dream of something better exists only in our imagination, it allows us to live better in the present at the expense of trust and faith in the future.

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