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The Flowering of the Wilderness in the Soul Is the First Step to Awakening

Amidst the hustle and bustle of life, we sometimes find ourselves trapped in a whirlwind.

In the midst of this chaos, we feel a desire for something deeper and it resonates in our heart. It's a kind of longing that we don't know how to explain or put our finger on, but it's a wake-up call. Because if our soul could speak, it would ask us to somehow bloom the desolation we feel.

Blooming the wilderness in the soul is the first step to answering this call inside us.

What is this wilderness? What drives our souls crazy? What bothers us?

Most often this is due to an awakening of understanding between good and bad and a yearning for a meaningful and purposeful life. It usually starts to bother us as we get a little older. This is actually the soul's yearning for peace of mind, peace from the chaos in our head and heart, and this is achieved when we manage to reach moral peace.

How do we achieve moral peace?

Moral peace in the soul is achieved when our thoughts, actions, and intentions conform with our personal moral compass. It creates a sense of satisfaction, peace, and authenticity. It involves making decisions that are in line with our beliefs and principles, and when that happens, we reach a clear conscience and reduce internal conflict. There, our soul is calm. It doesn’t bother us.

The awakening process begins when we recognize this desolation of the soul.

And then like a seed buried in the ground, our soul that was buried beneath layers of material satisfaction, social pressure, fears, preoccupation with blandness, ego, and more... is screaming to burst into the soil of our consciousness. When this awakening happens, it allows self-awareness to shine on the wilderness and then the first signs of flowering finally appear.

Blooming the wilderness from within is a profound experience. It is a life-changing event. A journey of self-discovery, in which we uncover hidden faces of our personalities, long-forgotten desires, and brings to light a sense of purpose that goes beyond the superficiality of everyday life.

This blossoming is characterized by moments of clarity, moments when the light turns on, when we begin to question our priorities in life, in our behavior, our actions, and then we redefine success in terms of fulfillment, satisfaction, peace, happiness and not just achievements.

And as our petals unravel, we become more attuned to our soul. And just as a flower attracts bees because its nectar is sweet and the colors are beautiful and striking, so our soul awakens and begins to attract connections, opportunities, experiences and significant people into our lives. We suddenly begin to synchronize everything that is authentic to our lives.

This awakening is not a destination. This is exactly the beginning of the journey. Blooming the wilderness in our soul is only the first step, but it sets the stage for what our soul wants: a life of fulfillment, joy, peace, satisfaction, and acceptance. Although this is a challenging process, because it requires giving up conveniency for authenticity and morality, this awakening helps us navigate the complexities of life, develop resilience, and achieve peace.

In conclusion, the blossoming of the wilderness in the soul is the first step to awakening. It's a journey that invites us to reclaim our authenticity, purpose and connection to life and to this world. And just as a single flower has the power to illuminate an entire wasteland, an awake soul has the potential to radiate positivity and inspire enormous change for one person and the entire world.

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