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The Best Asset in Life - Our Past

The hardest thing for us to say goodbye to is the past, to let go of it, whether it was good to us or not so much.

But our past is the greatest asset we have in the world.

If the past wasn't good to us, then either it is hard for us to forgive those who made our past bad, or we cannot forgive ourselves for making bad choices, having bad habits, or staying in a bad place for too long.

And if the past was good to us, then it is hard to say goodbye if it is over. Yes, we know everything ends in the end and nothing lasts forever, good or bad. Yet, it does not make it easier to let go of good when it is gone.

So, we get stuck with the past. For better or for worse.

We don't let go. Sometimes consciously, most often not.

One of the reasons we get stuck with the past is our identity. After all, who would we be without our past? Who are we without our story? Our past is our identity. And without it...we are not who we are. So, we ‘can’t’ let go of who and what we are.

With that said, I wish we could treat our past as our greatest asset. As our treasure.

What if we could take everything we have learned there, in the past. Everything we've been through and made us who we are, the sum total of all the events that have happened to us, the feelings, experiences, mistakes, choices, lessons, scars and good memories and give them a place of honor in our life without allowing it to ruin our present and future?

Our past deserves to be remembered but the greatest thing we can do is to choose a little different or a little similar from the past so that our present and future will be a little better.

How do we make peace with the past? It's a life mission.

The greatest mission may be to let go of the past, in the present, for the future.

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