Book Clubs

Book Clubs are welcome to email me questions!

Suggested questions for discussion after reading One Moroccan Woman:

1. What kind of feelings did One Moroccan Woman evoke in you? Sadness,  boredom, anger, etc.?

2. Did you feel sorry for Meir? Were you mad that Tamar couldn't love him the way he wished for?

3. Were you surprised that Meir cheated on Tamar her with Janet? Did Tamar deserve it? Did you perceive her as weak for forgiving Meir?

4. Did Tamar changed throughout the book? Did she mature? Did you like her character? 

5. Did you know anything about Moroccan Jews prior to reading the novel? Has One Moroccan Woman expanded your horizons? What new information impacted you the most? 

6. Did the descriptions of the inception stage of Israel fit your image about that time? If you traveled to Kiryat Gat in Israel, what would you expect this town to look like today?

7. Was the novel authentic in your opinion? Was is reliable? Did you believe the characters?

8. Which scenes, paragraphs or sentences impacted you the most? 

9. Should the forgotten and silent exodus of the Moroccan Jews to Israel get more publicity in your opinion? Do you believe it needs to be taught at history lessons? 

6. If you could ask Mrs. Armbrister a question, what would you ask?