Featured Storyteller:

Yamit Armbrister

Yamit Armbrister graduated with a B.A in Social Sciences from Bar Ilan University in Israel, and holds an MBA from Walden University in Maryland. 

When she has free time, Yamit writes columns, enjoys the sun, and write some more.

One Moroccan Woman was a challenging and rewarding project that took about four years to complete. Yamit was inspired to write a historical fiction,inspired by true events, about the massive immigration of the Moroccan Jews to Israel in the 1950’s. She wanted to share her insights from first hand stories thorough one Moroccan woman. 

Between Egypt and Canaan was born one late night while Yamit read the bible. It had been a great journey, not only due to the challenging setting, the great exodus, but also because Yamit found out many ‘hidden’ stories of that era, stories that are much less known.