It was the Lord’s way to make His people forget their sorrow with new                                                                         sorrow.

Lying at the banks of an insignificant sand dune in the desert, struck by hunger and thirst, fifteen years old Ana’el knows that she would not be able to conceal her secret for much longer. Against a historical background, Ana’el and Ithamar’s love is against the laws dictated by the High Priests, Moses, and the Lord himself.

Of one thing Ana’el is certain, it was not the Lord's stunning miracles, divine performances, or moral commandments that kept her in line, rather His punishments that did.

Between Egypt and Canaan is a historical fiction set while the Israelites crossed the desert for 40 years. It is a story about a forbidden love between a Cohen, an Israelite priest, and a mixed multitude, a daughter of an Egyptian slave.

                                   Inspired by true events

One Moroccan Woman was selected by the Israeli Department of Education to the list of most recommended books for all high school students in 2015

One Moroccan Woman is a historical fiction, set
partially in the 1950' in Morocco and Israel. It is a story about the triumph of the human spirit.

The year is 1951, and just as the recently born State of Israel takes its first toddling steps toward the future, a young Jewish woman in Morocco watches her mother’s last breath. Amid her sorrow and mourning, Tamar Ben Zaken must now sacrifice her goals and ambitions in order to care for her father and siblings.

To make matters worse, their secure and privileged life may come to an end at the hands of political and social changes that threaten the relative
peaceful coexistence between Moroccan Jews and Muslims, who are outraged by Israel’s establishment.   But when Tamar’s father marries a superficial woman, Tamar flees to live with her cousin in the big city of Marrakesh. While there, she studies at a prestigious French school for women, and meets Daniel, the love of her life. But Daniel harbors a secret that threatens their hopes and dreams of building a family in Israel.   Inspired by actual events, One Moroccan Woman sets interpersonal drama against the backdrop of political, social, and religious volatility, as Tamar discovers that fate has a plan she could’ve never written for herself.